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Please report any nuisance property information below using our online form. Just fill out the requested information and click "Send Message". We'll contact you back if further information is required.

What is a nuisance?

According to the City of Hazard code of ordinance: 94.03 CERTAIN CONDITIONS DECLARED A NUISANCE. (CLICK TO VIEW).

What about other types of violations?
The City of Hazard has adopted the following standards for property. Any violation of these standards is also a concern: § 150.10 ADOPTION OF UNIFORM STATE BUILDING CODE; PLUMBING CODE; STANDARDS OF SAFETY; AND 2012 INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE. (CLICK TO VIEW)


KRS 519.040 prohibits the false reporting of an incident. As complaints are received, we prioritize and investigate complaints depending on the severity of the complaint and utilize multiple agencies, including LAW ENFORCEMENT. By visiting this site, you agree to have your ISP’s internet protocol address (both V4 and V6) logged by our online form. This reporting system MAY NOT be used to harass another or otherwise cause unnecessary public alarm. Any false complaints made will be investigated and prosecuted if necessary. By using this site, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.