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As we take on new projects, we'll keep you updated. Check here often to find information regarding the City's Revitalization Initiative as we revitalize downtown Hazard. Also, be sure to check out InVision Hazard by visiting their facebook page. InVision Hazard is a perfect example of what is possible when constructive people will accept nothing less than positive change in their community.

InVision Hazard

Next Gen Kentucky i-Way

As new industry is achieved, an increase in data throughput is required to meet the many demands of current and future businesses. The City of Hazard identifies that in order to promote Eastern Kentucky entrepreneurship and increase new, local start-ups while also benefiting established online, small and large businesses, we must use a technology led, economic development approach. The Next Generation Kentucky Information Highway (NG KIH) may do just that… open the doors for local businesses to grow while being rooted in innovation and becoming a global, knowledge dependent entity.

After this projects’ completion, the NG KY i-Way could create new and emerging industries locally. A modern, high-capacity fiber infrastructure will allow businesses to compete globally. Educators will have the ability to expand teaching resources, while students will gain access to knowledge. Health care entities will have the ability to collaborate, and first responders will be able to communicate better in emergencies. It’s no secret that technology solutions save time and money; this fact will soon become a reality locally as the project is anticipated to be completed by late spring of 2016.

A dark fiber network can provide a business with many benefits: Businesses can manage and control their own data and transmission speeds for one. This provides optimum security for many different industries. With control comes the freedom to customize your network to meet your business needs. You can adjust your bandwidth how and when you see fit. And then there’s SPEED –dark fiber can be up to 65,000 times faster than a T1 Line, which means that a business could transmit a 12.5 GB file every single second. Officials with the City of Hazard recently attended a workshop which detailed just some of these projected benefits.