Hazard Fire Department

Founded in 1884, the Hazard Fire Department has a long tradition of service to the City of Hazard. The HFD boasts an ISO rating of four and protects a population of approximately 7,000 full-time residents and nearly 30,000 people during workday business hours. The HFD has 17 full-time firefighters and 29 paid on-call. Of the HFD's 46 firefighters, seven are trained paramedics and 22 are Emergency Medical Technicians. HFD also has six State Fire Rescue Instructors and eleven certified in-house Fire Instructors. HFD operates out of two stations, one located in downtown Hazard and the other near the Hazard ARH Hospital. The HFD houses three engines, two ladder trucks, three rescue vehicles, one haz-mat unit, and one command unit for response to calls. The average EMT and Fire Engine response time to calls within city limits is four minutes.

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